HKD & USD Transfers Temporarily Resumed | 港元及美元轉帳暫時恢復方案

HONG KONG — 11 December 2017 — The Gatecoin team is pleased to announce the temporary resumption of HKD and USD transfers (deposits and withdrawals) as of 18:00 HKT, Monday, 11 December 2017.

Why is this temporary?
We are currently working on a long-term and sustainable solution for HKD and USD transfers which requires a complex technical integration with a licensed European payment services provider. This will take several more weeks to implement. In the meantime, we have activated new bank accounts in Hong Kong to facilitate HKD and USD transfers.

However, given the fragility of our banking relationships in Hong Kong, we see this option only as a temporary solution to our HKD and USD transfer disruptions.

It is important to note that Hong Kong banks are not just hostile to our business, but also to a wide range of startups, SMEs and MSO licensed firms including forex and remittance providers.

How much will HKD and USD transfers cost with this new solution?
HKD deposits — HKD 50
USD deposits — USD 7
HKD withdrawals — HKD 100
USD withdrawals — USD 12
These fees exclude additional fees that may be charged by banks.

How long will HKD and USD transfers take to be processed with this temporary solution?
Deposits will take up to two business days to be credited to your Gatecoin account once the funds are received on our bank account as they need to be manually processed by our team.

Withdrawals may incur significant delays during processing. We are currently negotiating with the bank to increase our daily withdrawal limit to enable faster processing times.

How about EUR SEPA transfers?
Our EUR SEPA transfers were unaffected by the disruptions to our HKD and USD transfers in Hong Kong as these are processed through our banking partners in Europe. All EUR transfers will continue to be processed as normal.

Reminder on deposits
When sending HKD/USD/EUR to our bank accounts, please remember to provide details of your deposit by email to [email protected].

Include your full name, the amount, currency and deposit code in the email subject line and attach a screenshot of the online banking transaction confirmation message.

For example: Simon Chan / 1000 / HKD / GTCN-XXXXXX

When will the European PSP solution for HKD and USD transfers be ready?
We expect this to be implemented by Monday, 15 January 2018. The delay is due to the fact that more technical integration is required to enable automated fiat currency transfers to segregated client accounts with drastically reduced processing times (intraday).

What about the bank accounts for large OTC trades?
For clients wanting to process large over the counter (OTC) trades through Gatecoin, we will be able to facilitate USD transactions through our Swiss Asset Management partner by late December 2017.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Gatecoin Team

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If you are a journalist with questions about this update, please email [email protected].

香港 — 2017年12月11日 —Gatecoin團隊欣然宣布,港元和美元轉帳(存款和提款)將於2017年12月11日(星期一),香港時間18時00分暫時恢復。

我們目前正在為港元和美元轉帳制定長期和可持續的解決方案,這需要與持牌歐洲支付服務供應商進行複雜的技術整合。 這將需要數週時間。 同時,我們在香港啟用了新的銀行賬戶,以提供港元和美元轉賬。



港幣存款 — 50港元
美元存款 — 7美元
港幣提款 — 100港元
美元提款 — 12美元


提款可能會在處理過程中造成延誤。 我們目前正在與銀行磋商,以提高我們的每日提款上限,以加快處理時間。

我們的歐元SEPA轉賬不受港幣和美元轉賬的影響,因為歐元轉賬是通過我們在歐洲的銀行合作夥伴處理的。 所有歐元轉賬將繼續按正常程序處理。

在將港幣/美元/歐元轉賬到我們的銀行賬戶時,請謹記將您的存款詳情電郵至[email protected]


例如:Simon Chan / 1000 / HKD / GTCN-XXXXXX






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